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Our school management software is designed to simplify administrative, academic and financial management in schools. The desktop application helps schools streamline different processes by offering a range of modules to make it is easy for schools to function and operate without increasing their overheads. Each module is designed keeping different activities in mind and this makes our school management software extremely comprehensive, covering areas, such as attendance, admission, evaluations and examinations, very accurately.

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Admission Management

Admission management is one of the most important administrative tasks undertaken by schools. In majority of schools, this management is labor intensive and inefficient. When our module is used, it makes it a web-based procedure which is user-friendly and helps to streamline the admission process.

Student Information

All academic and non-academic elements can be stored and tracked here. It allows the school to monitor student performance, disciplinary actions, fees payable and even medical history.

Examination Management

Examinations are hectic and tedious for the staff as well as students. This module helps teachers to create single or cumulative examination reports, questions banks, schedule examinations, analyse scores and create questions papers using the question bank.

Timetable Management

When timetables are created, educators have to take into account syllabus, number of working hours, optional subjects and faculty availability. This module allows school to design timetables taking all these parameters into consideration and helps save time and effort.

Fee Management

The module allows schools to keep track of past, present and future fee billing and payments, fee cancellation, refunds, advance fee collection, conveyance payments, exam fees, cafeteria payments and receipt printing. There is also a way to send reminders to parents about upcoming or late payments.

Payroll Management

It ensures all staff members are paid correctly and on time each month by taking into consideration their bonus and deductions. It can be customized to include basic pay, advance taken, loans taken, bonuses, unpaid leave taken, housing allowance, gratuity and statutory deductions.

Staff Information

Easy to get information of the workforce, issue identity cards, keep track of vacancies, schedule interviews, shortlist potential candidates, promotions and performance analyser.

Attendance Management

It allows school to track a student's daily, weekly and monthly attendance and absenteeism. If a student is absent, an automatic alert can be sent to parents. It also allows schools to schedule holidays. The module can be integrated with biometric scanners or student ID card to make attendance management and tracking easier.

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Why Choose Our School Management Software?

Our school management software can help schools streamline all their administrative and non-administrative tasks by automating many processes. This allows more productive and effective use of manpower, allowing the school to meet its objectives.