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It is time to switch to a secure and reliable email hosting service that has been crafted keeping business users in mind. Creative India has come up with an excellent business email hosting plan that fits into your set of requirements and provides you with complete peace of mind. If you are concerned about the security of business email communication or facing harrowing time due to ads splashed all over the screen, consider availing our business email services at the earliest.

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Google Workspace

Utilise Google Workspace's capabilities to improve productivity and cooperation inside your company. Google Workspace delivers seamless cooperation and effective workflow management with its collection of cloud-based productivity tools and secure communication capabilities.

Microsoft 365

Our complete Microsoft 365 services at Creative Web Designers give companies access to a range of strong productivity tools and cloud-based solutions. Our Microsoft 365 services give businesses the tools they need to increase productivity and drive growth,

Digicerts & SSL Services

With the Digicerts & SSL services provided by our company, you can engage in secure online transactions and safeguard sensitive data. Our complete solutions protect your online presence by ensuring secured communications and fostering visitor confidence.


Protect your website from cyber threats with Sitelock, the leading website security solution offered by our company. Sitelock scans for vulnerabilities, detects malware, and provides real-time monitoring to ensure your website stays secure.


Our company's trustworthy backup solution, CodeGuard, will protect the data on your website and guarantee speedy recovery. You may feel secure knowing that CodeGuard regularly copies your website, keeps an eye out for modifications, and makes simple restoration possible.

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Benefits of availing business email hosting services
  • Multiple email accounts without advertisements: You need not compromise on the quality and privacy by resorting to accepting advertisements even if you are running on a modest budget. You get multiple email accounts sans advertisements.
  • Take control of your email with access while on the move: Now, take control of your email as you get seamless access on your mobile. You will be able to access your email on your tablet or smartphone securely when you start availing our services.
  • Easy set up: Setting up your email is really easy. You can set up your business email account in a few easy steps with the install wizard. You can manage email policies, settings, and mailbox quota. You can manage all aspects of your email with an extensive control panel.
  • Productive apps: There is a lot that you can do with your emails. There are several productivity applications that you can lay your hands on. These help you to manage communication in a much better way than earlier and beyond the ways you can imagine.
  • Affordable solutions: We understand that you have invested a lot of money into your business. Hence, we have kept the price of our business email solutions pretty affordable. Choose the plan that fits into your pocket.
  • Built in anti virus protection: Viruses and other malware are wreaking havoc these days. Considering this, you need to keep your email account free from them. Our emails have built in anti virus protection that keeps your business communication safe from snooping.
  • 24X7 support: Did we tell you that we are available around the clock! If you face any problem while accessing your email at any point of time, we are there to help you. Call us at our tech support number whenever you find yourself in a piquant situation.

Our Email Security Solutions

Google Workspace

At Creative India, our open-source tool modification and bespoke CMS development are unmatched. You can forget about worrying about content with the help of our services, which offer cutting-edge CMS-based websites that are simple to administer.

Microsoft 365

At Creative India, our open-source tool modification and bespoke CMS development are unmatched. You can forget about worrying about content with the help of our services, which offer cutting-edge CMS-based websites that are simple to administer.

Digicerts & SSL

Our school management software is designed to simplify administrative, academic and financial management in schools. Each module is designed keeping different activities in mind and this makes our school management software extremely comprehensive,


Our Hospital Management Software is a complete solution created to optimise operational effectiveness, improve patient care, and streamline administrative processes. Including functions for patient registration, appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, billing , and more.


For companies looking to optimise their manufacturing processes, our production planning software is a game-changer. It simplifies processes, boosts effectiveness, and provides seamless coordination across all phases of production thanks to its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface.

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