Inventory Management System

Inventory is an asset and it should be maintained seamlessly. It requires a proper management system that allows a business to track sales and update inventory records. There are still many businesses that manage inventory manually. They do not realize that this is time consuming and labor intensive task which can easily be done using a robust inventory management system. Our system allows you to automatic these processes and also lets you maintain a line of communication with suppliers and incorporate other data, such as seasonal demand. It is a robust comprehensive and versatile system.

Our inventory management system allows you to track inventory, check for availability, place orders with suppliers and handle end-to-end inventory lifecycle effortlessly and conveniently.

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Inventory Control Management

Our system offers real-time tracking of inventory using a serial number tracking system. Alternatively, customers can use barcodes to increase tracking efficiency and reduce costs.

Contact Management

Besides staying in touch with vendors and suppliers, this module allows tracking of customers, customer transaction, defining credit limits and assigning payment terms.

Accounting Management

The module allows a business to maintain payables and receivables, maintain and enforce budget, calculate sales commissions and handle different aspects of banking.

Purchase Management

The module allows businesses to accept new goods with and without purchase orders, handle tracking of landed costing, view purchase history, generate and assign serial numbers to items, check different suppliers' payment history, put purchase orders on hold, clone purchase orders, view all purchase orders, assign warranty for items and check the status of purchase orders.

Sales Management

This versatile inventory management system can also handle quotations, raise sales orders and invoices, clone sales orders and quotations, track warranty of items, create invoices using existing quotation and sales order and track serial numbers of items.

Shipping and Receiving Management

An important part of inventory management is seamlessly handing shipping and receiving of goods and items. Our inventory management system will allow you create packing slips and lists, combine multiple orders for a single customer in the same shipment, split shipments, track shipments, get status receipts and track shipment costs, weight and box quantity.

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Why Choose Our Inventory Management System?

Our inventory management system is integrated to handle different service scenarios. It offers end-to-end inventory lifecycle management. It is on par with international inventory management systems and allows you generate reports which can be analyzed to take crucial business decisions.