Export Management System

Globalization has encouraged many establishments to shift business focus beyond geographic boundaries as a way to increase their top line reviews. Subsequently, the exports have boomed. However, exporters are facing a problem with customers spread across different geographical locations, making it tough for them to comply with different export rules and regulations. Without a proper export management system, exporters are unable to screen potential customers to see if they are listed on the restricted party list, figure out license requirements, comply with export rules and statutory regulations and generate the required export documentation.

Our versatile and robust export management system will make it easy for your business to handle even the smallest export-related task. Our application is designed to automate export compliance and transactional functions; using it you can check country controls, perform restricted party screening, track and determine the required licenses, generate necessary documents and file the relevant licenses and documents with authorities. In addition, our system also allows you to maintain audit trails and promote management reporting. It is efficient and helps you make your export process more efficient, while reducing the chances of risks.

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Documentation Management

This allows you to automate your documentation requirements and your business can generate documents for sea or air export.

Custom Duty Calculation

It can be a pain to calculate custom duty for different exports, but this module makes it easy and convenient by automating the process. You also can update duty structures based on recent circulars and notifications. The module allows you to calculate custom duty based on product, shipment type and schemes.

Ex-Bond Management

All activities related to Ex-Bond can be handled seamlessly. Some features that are present in the module include bond-to-bond transfers, inventory management for each Ex-Bond and manage multiple Ex-Bonds.

License Management

This module allows you to seamlessly maintain records of customer licenses and after each debit, the records get updated automatically. You can handle export licenses and also get reports for licenses that are close to expiration.

Report Management

There are statutory reports and other reports that you have to generate to ensure your export occurs smoothly. This module allows you to generate Bill of Entry, Certificate of Origin, GATT Declaration, Ex-Bond register, print dockets for export jobs and also print annexure. Using our export management system you can generate shipment status report as well.

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Why Choose Our Export Management System?

It is user-friendly and has an easy interface. It is one of the easiest applications in the market to setup. You can customize different elements of the application. Using our export management system, you will be able to reduce the time and effort it takes to be current with regulations and lists, reduce chances of being fined, manage all export documentation effortlessly and ensure you are up-to-date with the constantly changing restrictions and denied party lists. When you use our software, you will not have the stress of losing your ability to export, as it will allow you to comply with all statutory regulations comfortably.